Primus Calling Cards

Another option available for the individuals looking for calling cards to enjoy more time on their card is that of the Primus Calling Cards. This company is the second largest of the service providers in Canada and offers the cards designed according to the needs of the different customers, which include;

a) Top
b) Top Plus
c) Freedom Calling Card
d) Guranteed Time Calling Card
e) No Fees Calling Cards
f) Crazy Minutes
g) Talk Asia Calling Card
h) Fonebuster
i) Fonebuster Flat
j) Talk Middle East Calling Card
k) Premier Plus Calling Card
l) Peak Time Calling Card
m) Arabia
n) Ultra Calling Card
o) Talk Africa Calling Card
p) Double Time

and countless more. The Primus Calling Cards are a good option for those, who are interested in line quality. Furthermore, these phone cards are best for those immigrants or the individuals who need to make country specific calls as for some countries these cards provide exceptional value. The Primus Calling Cards are also the perfect tool for those who wish to make a few calls.

Primus - no fee phone cards

With absolutely no fees and almost the same time as advertised, these cards are perfect for making multiple calls. N o Fees Calling Cards by Primus offer cent per cent minute by minute billing. Also, another attribute that distinguishes these cards from the others is that they expire after exactly one year of their first use.

Primus – guaranteed time phone cards

With no hidden fees and improved quality, these Primus calling cards are the best choice for those who are looking forth to place multiple calls. Some of the benefits offered by these cards include good connection and clear voice etc. Guaranteed Time Calling Cards can be used from anywhere in Canada and the United States.

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