Goldline Calling Cards

The Group of Gold Line

This service provider extends a variety of reliable cards featured under its umbrella which include;
1) CiCi
2) Gold
3) 20/20
4) Good Call
5) Africa Call
6) Hi calling card
7) Sangam Plus

The cards designed under Gold Line offer the smartest online calling card options. The Group of Gold Line has been active in the Canadian market since 1993. The company owns back-end infrastructure required for managing long distance call services. No wonder it is considered as one of the most reliable calling card service providers in Canada, offering better value of money to their customers in the form of Goldline calling cards.

CiCi calling Card

Some will find these online calling cards more expensive than others. However the rates are justified against the benefits like, excellent service, stable connection, minute by minute billing and various other attributes. The service against these cards is extended by Gold Line, the provider which controls major share of the Canadian calling card market. CiCi Calling Card service is now available as CiCi Mobile App for iPhone and Android. Check CiCi Mobile site for more info on this mobile product.

Gold Calling Card

The service against these cards is extended by Gold Line as well. The benefits offered by these cards are the same as the CiCi Ccalling Card but a service fee is applicable on the calls made using these cards after every third minute of the call. With no hidden fee, these calls are best for making multiple calls. Gold Calling Card offer great benefits to the users.

Bita Calling Card

Bita Calling Card offers the most competitive rates to the individuals who wish to place calls from the United States or internationally.

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