Calling Cards Canada

Calling Cards Canada is an ultimate online source of information on calling cards. The online calling cards are the smartest tools that allow customers in making cost effective calls from all of Canada and anywhere else in the world. Those who make use of the online calling cards, enjoy:

1. Competitive rates against their long distance calling plans
2. Better voice quality and stable connection
3. Controlled communication costs

Instead of buying the phone cards from the common retails and the stores, it is better to purchase them online. Unlike conventional stores the genuine e-stores dealing in the online calling cards like do not have limited stock or the types of the cards. The calling cards available at these stores are sifted by the team of professionals to feature only those carriers, brands and the companies that can deliver what they promise. Also the information provided at allows the calling card seekers in evaluating their options making use of the tools provided on the website. These tools help them in selecting the cards according to their needs. While some might need to make calls at multiple places in the different regions of the world, others might require calling frequently to their loved ones situated in a specific country. At one will be able to find online phone cards that will match these needs and provide them with access to their PIN codes as soon as the online purchase process is concluded. is an authentic distributor of the online calling cards in Canada, which features the most reliable service providers to offer best options to their customers. Some of the most very popular calling cards at due to their premium service and better rates include;

Gold Line Calling Cards

The Group of Gold Line is one of the largest service providers of calling cardsin Canada. The cards offered by Gold Line comprise of different brands each with unique attributes to match the needs of the different segments from the target market. Since the customers have versatile needs ranging from, multiple calls to few calls etc., these cards help them find the best fit according to their needs. Calling Card Canada most popular Gold Line calling card is CiCi.

Primus Calling Cards

The Primus Telecom have been known for controlling the most traffic and providing premium services in telephonic communication that feature, stable connections, better quality and competitive rates etc. Most of the immigrants find the Primus calling cards the best option for making long distance calls and frequent calls to get in touch with their friends and family back at home.

Lycatel Calling Cards

This service provider is considered as a world leader in prepaid calling cards and has a presence in about sixteen countries. These cards are a favorite among the expatriates, who wish to make low cost international calls. Lyca PIN-Less is the most popular and well known service from Lycatel.