Calling Cards to Canada

One of the best calling cards for calls to Canada from U.S.A. is Bita Calling Card. Bita plays a vital role in curbing the expenditure related to long distance calls. The service provider for Bita Calling Card is Gold Line which offers impressive features like:

  1. Exact minutes as advertised.
  2. One minute increment approach.
  3. Expiry after six months or a hundred and eighty days of the first usage.
  4. Excellent customer service support in English, French, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Urdu, Farsi, Greek, Vietnamese, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Turkish languages.

Limited calling cards in Canada or USA are available for travelers and residents living outside North America, who wish to place calls in Canada. These individuals too, can make use of the Bita Calling Cards for enjoying cost effective rates and better talk-time.

Others who are travelling abroad can also buy the travel calling cards in the scenarios when their calling cards do not have access numbers in the respective countries. These cards can be used to make calls to various international destinations and allow the travelers in overcoming hotel long distance charges. However calls from abroad, using Travel Calling Cards are more costly than calls to the same country from home country. This is because of the extra cost of using international telephone infrastructure, which does not normally belong to (Canadian) calling card service providers.