Calling Cards from Canada

There are several types of the online calling cards available at Ontario Phone Cards for making calls from Canada to the various regions in the world like CiCi calling card, Gold Calling Card etc. In order to enjoy cost effective rates it is important to dial calling card access number long distance toll free. This access number should be local. The calling cards may feature a list of local access numbers and / or a toll free access number. There are other various types of the online calling cards, which list both toll free and local access numbers; however, these cards charge a higher per minute rate when used with the toll-free access number. In some cases this rate might be up to 5 cent per minute. When opting to select for an online calling card that features a toll free access number, the customer should make sure that the card is free from any other extra charge, or it will prove to be very costly. These online calling cards are segregated as "no extra charge" calling cards on Ontario Phobe Cards.

Almost all the calling cards that offer quality services for their callers provide them with a list of the access numbers for all Canadian cities and feature the same rates as when using the cards with the local access numbers. These cards feature the surcharge free toll free access numbers. Some of the cards offering this attribute include;

  • CiCi Calling Card
  • No Fees Calling Card
  • Guaranteed Time
  • Freedom