LycaTel calling cards

Lycatel is known to be the leading innovator in the telecommunications industry. This privately owned company has repute in the market of being one of the most reliable service providers. The company is always looking forth to offer better value of money to their customers and thus, has crafted many calling cards offering competitive rates, premium quality and longer talk-time. The LycaTel calling card product line includes:
a) Kites calling card
b) Lyca Calling Card
c) Lyca Star Calling Card
d) Pearl calling Card
e) Lyca Global Calling Card

In May 2013 Lycatel launches a new Lyca Calling Card Calling Card. This brand new prepaid rechargeable calling card offers minute by minute billing and connection or any other fees.

Lycatel is working in collaboration with the reputed and leading names of the global telecom carriers to offer best selection in the online phone cards for their customers. The efficient systems and the effective approaches used by this service provider allow them to develop the tariffs and billing system that will fit the needs and the budgets of the versatile segments from the target market. These calling cards can now be bought from the genuine e-retails in Canada as well. The service for the Lyca Tel is provided by the leading European service providers. These cards offer the same talk time as promised and are best used to place calls in the overseas countries with connection problems. With no applicable fees the Lyca Tel calling cards are one of the best types in the calling cards suitable for making multiple long distance calls.

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